Historical and idyllic works in the Satakunta Region

Ahlström Capital’s historical Noormarkku Works in the Satakunta region in Western Finland has a significant role not only in the long history of the Ahlström family, but in the industrial and cultural history of Finland.

One of the largest and most impressive ironwork areas in Finland, the Noormarkku works has been in the ownership of the Ahlström family for almost 150 years.

During the ownership of Ahlström, the works has risen to its current splendour. These days, the Noormarkku Works provides well-known and high-quality hotel and restaurant services, as well as meeting services. The works is managed by A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy, a subsidiary of Ahlström Capital Oy.

The Noormarkku Works offers accommodation for more than 90 people in their elegant rooms. Guests may complete their visit using the Works’ culture and nature services. During Noormarkku Works tours, a guide will acquaint the guests with Villa Mairea, the Ahlström Voyage exhibition and the Makkarakoski saw-mill. In addition, top-quality outdoor activities, such as fishing packages and canoe safaris, and wellness services are also available.