Developing leading businesses in a long-term, sustainable way

Ahlström Capital is a family-owned investment company, which develops its portfolio companies in a sustainable, long-term manner. We believe there is a strong link between long-term profitability and sustainability. We are committed to promoting responsible business practices in our portfolio companies and to conducting sustainable asset management of our real estate and forest investments.

We are committed to improving our own, our portfolio companies’, our real estate investments’ and our forests environment, social and governance (ESG) policies and performance on a continuous basis. Our biggest impact to environment and society is created through our portfolio companies, which form approximately 70 per cent of our investments.

Active ownership of portfolio companies

The integration of sustainability throughout our portfolio companies is carried out during the acquisition process and through ongoing development work. Our ambition as an owner is that our portfolio companies will establish a good standard for sustainability and continuously improve their sustainability agenda. Our portfolio companies are expected to follow Nordic governance standards and to have management teams that are committed to transparent operating principles. Through active board work and guidance and through cooperation with the management, we support our portfolio companies in their responsibility efforts and address ESG issues.

When assessing a new potential acquisition, we include an evaluation of long-term sustainability-related risks. We consider both social and environmental issues and business ethics already in the initial target evaluation. Sustainability aspects also influence the choice of industries and companies in which we invest.

At the end of 2017, we had six companies in our portfolio, with five in manufacturing and one in the infrastructure building industry. These companies employ totally approximately 12,500 people in 33 countries.


Industrial investments

  • Evaluating environmental aspects when assessing a new potential acquisition
  • Evaluating environmental impacts when operating our investments


Real estate and forest investments

  • Managing properties in an energy-efficient manner 
  • Property life-cycle thinking, using materials and techniques that endure
  • Promoting ecologically sustainable forestry
  • Sustainable forest harvesting, maintaining forest biodiversity


Industrial investments

  • Evaluating social aspects when assessing potential acquisitions
  • Developing and engaging employees
  • Promotion of equal opportunities and diversity
  • Having a dialogue with the stakeholders of our portfolio companies i.e. BoD, management


Real estate and forest investments

  • Developing and engaging employees
  • Promotion of equal opportunities and diversity
  • Having a dialogue with stakeholders i.e. authorities, co-investors and customers
  • Multipurpose use of forests
  • Maintaining two historical works in the Satakunta region


Industrial investments

  • Sound corporate governance and transparency
  • Active board participation, close cooperation with management
  • Complying with all local and national legislation in each country of operation
  • Business is done with good ethics, including anti-corruption
  • Carefully selecting business partners ensuring that business is conducted in an ethical manner


Real estate and forest investments

  • Selecting projects where responsible operations throughout the subcontractor chain can be ensured
  • Developing real estate projects with good corporate governance
  • Carefully selecting partners ensuring that business is conducted in an ethical manner