Land for residential and leisure use in planned areas

Ahlström Capital’s real estate portfolio includes plots of land planned for single-family and row houses across Finland. In addition, there are lakeside plots planned for holiday housing. The company can also negotiate plot expansion needs with the neighbouring land owners. 

See our available plots of land if you are planning to build a house or holiday home. Ahlström Capital’s real estate experts will gladly help you with all questions related to land sales: Ahlström Capital’s real estate experts

There are various plots of land available for example in Varkaus, Eura:  If you are interested in these plots, please contact us.

Plots for single-family houses

Our real estate portfolio contains a varied range of plots for single-family and row houses bordering with fields and forests. The offering ranges from peaceful areas within walking distance of fishing waters to urban areas close to city centre services.


  • There are 3 pcs of smaller house plots for sale in size 1,135-1,280 m2 in Hiittenkarintie.
    • A joint offer for adjacent plots can be negotiated for a total of ca. 3,500 m2.
  • Mäntylä district in the southern centre of Noormarkku, by the Ruosniementie road leading to Pori. The terrain features varying heights and trees Only 1.5 km from the centre of Noormarkku
  • Sizes of the available plots vary between 1,650 and 1,709 m2.
  • Metsämaa district on the southern side of Porinlahti Bay, approximately 10 km northwest of the centre of Pori. Comfortable district of single-family houses, lots of trees, near the sea.
  • Distances: Centre of Pori: 10 km, Yyteri beach: 8 km, Pihlavanlahti: less than 1 km, Pihlava shopping centre with versatile services: less than 2 km.
  • There are boat piers and a popular fishing area close to the district.
  • Sizes of the available plots vary between 1,207 and 2,393 m2.
  • Ruotsinpyhtää, 17 kilometres from Loviisa. Plots in the Norrahaka and Peräkylä districts. Plots available for single-family and row houses, permitted building volume 250 floor-m2.
  • Kosulanniemi in the Kommila district of Varkaus. On Kissakoskenkatu and Kosulankatu streets, plots classified in the town plan as AP, AK and AO. Sizes of the available plots vary between 2,800 and 5,800 m2. A peaceful area only 2 km from the city centre.
  • Luttila, 6th district, approximately 6 km from the centre of Varkaus. Plots available on Lukkarinkatu and Voimatie streets. The Lukkarinkatu plot is classified as AP and has a permitted building volume of e= 0.20. The plot can also be split into three separately sold AO lots. The Voimatie plot is classified as AR and has a permitted building volume of e = 0.37. The plot can also be split into three separately sold AO lots. Sizes of the available plots vary between 6,500 and 7,500 m2.
  • Pitkälänniemi district, where the Pitkälänniemi canal and excellent outdoor activities of Varkausmäki are situated. Approximately 2 km from the centre of Varkaus. Sizes of the available plots vary between 1,179 and 1,236 m2.

Holiday housing plots

Our real estate portfolio features some of the most beautiful Finnish national landscapes. There are plots for the holiday home of your dreams by the hills of Kainuu, lakes of North Savonia, and open fields of Satakunta.


  • In the Satakunta region, lakeside plots are available in Kajajärvi, Eura, known for great fishing opportunities.
  • In Sotkamo, in the Kainuu region, there are available plots by lakes surrounded by vast wilderness and the watershed hill area. Plots are available, for example, by lakes Laakajärvi and Suuri-Petäinen. Distance to the Vuokatti resort area: about 40 km. Lakeside plots in the Kainuu region are also available in Juttuajärvi, Kuhmo. In Kuhmo, the landscape is dominated by hills, forests, waterways and swamps. Lake Juttuajärvi belongs to the beautiful Iivantiira water system.
  • Enjoy the beautiful lakeland nature and various outdoor activities in northern Savonia. Various lakeside plots available in Kuopio by lake Kallavesi  and in Sonkajärvi by lakes such as Laakajärvi and Haajaistenjärvi.

Plot expansion

Please contact Ahlström Capital’s real estate experts if you own land bordering with Ahlström Capital’s property and you would like to expand your plot. Plot expansions and the related pricing are always agreed on a case-by-case basis. Prices depend on the area and characteristics of the plot, as well as the amount and quality of trees and the length of the possible shoreline.

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