One of Finland’s largest private forest owners

Ahlström Capital has long traditions in sustainable forest business. Ahlström Capital manages its forest holdings with its subsidiary A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy. The forest investments balance out the risks embedded in other investment categories and generate more steady returns.

Today, Ahlström Capital has some 34,000 hectares of forest holdings. The forest investments reside mainly in the Satakunta region in Western Finland, and in Central and Eastern Finland. Ahlström Capital is one of Finland’s largest private forest owners

PEFC CertificateThe forests are managed and utilised in an ecologically, financially and socially sustainable manner. Maintaining biodiversity is an important principle alongside the profitable forest business. The high quality of operations is guaranteed by in-house staff, loggers and established contractors. Ahlström Capital holds a PEFC™ Chain of Custody certificate. 

Wood is sold to nationwide organisations, as well as local sawmills and energy plants. High-quality sawtimber tree, pulpwood and fuel wood is supplied cut according to the measurements and quality specifications agreed with the buyer. Fuel wood is supplied as chips or, if the buyer so prefers, as tree-length logs. 

Wood sales are conducted both in the form of supply sales and stand sales. The stands marked for cutting and sale are large and professionally planned. Felling operations and wood deliveries are distributed across the whole year as evenly as possible, depending on weather conditions. The majority of the felled area consists of thinning in young and grown stands. Final felling is conducted in regeneration mature stands by means of clear cutting and forest cultivation or natural regeneration.

The multipurpose use of forests, in particular game management and hunting, is also taken into account. Ahlström Capital’s forests are included in various protection programmes, such as Natura 2000. In addition, diverse areas have been excluded from active forest management under the company’s own decision.

Forest investments contacts:


Timo Viinamäki

Director, Forest
+358 (0)50 518 3661

Kari Kivimäki

Operational Manager
+358 (0)50 598 0041

Ville Pasanen

Head Game Keeper
+358 (0)50 518 3616

Anni Asikainen

Operations, Forestry
+358 (0)50 518 3696

Jukka Hietamäki

Operations, Forestry
+358 (0)500 688 196