High quality real estate investments

Ahlström Capital’s real estate portfolio includes industrial and commercial properties in Southern Finland.

Eteläesplanadi 14, Helsinki

Ahlström Capital owns a commercial and office building at Eteläesplanadi 14. The building underwent an extensive renovation and expansion in 2009. Now it has a floor area of roughly 14,000 square meters. The premises have been leased out on long-term contracts. The technically and architecturally demanding extension receiv ​ed a special mention for its functionality and unique look in the Steel Structure of the Year Competition 2009.


Hankasuontie 11 A, Helsinki

Hankasuontie 11 A is a property in Konala, Helsinki that was built by Ahlström Capital. The property has space for production, storage, office and retail and it consists of two buildings with a combined floor area of approximately 9,400 m2. The construction work of Hankasuontie 11 A was completed in 2019. The property has ca. 2,350 m2 space available which can be divided into different sized entities. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of the property.


Lahden Kulmala, Lahti 

In the city of Lahti, Ahlström Capital is engaged in the Lahden Kulmala real estate project. The renovated apartments and business premises in the functionalist building were handed over by the contractor in June 2015. 

Other real estate investments

Ahlström Capital's main direct real estate investments also include a real estate in Helsinki Uudenmaankatu 24.

In addition to the commercial properties, Ahlström Capital holds the historically significant Noormarkku works in Satakunta region.